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TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd. enjoys a solid reputation as a worldwide supplier of arc spray metalizing equipment and consumables. In business for over 20 years, our commitment to offer superior thermal spray systems is unparalleled and supported by our large range of equipment choices.

Our early marketing emphasis was in the promotion of portable arc-spray equipment to be used in corrosion control field applications. Large scale field applications rely on equipment that is dependable, portable and high production. In recent years we have expanded our customer base to include manufacturing facilities, pipe manufacturers (with automated systems), structural steel, high profile deck coatings, machine element repair, boiler repair, and erosion resistant coating applications.

We provide customers with our own branded equipment, including the Bridgemaster®, and Handi-Arc ®, as well as a wide variety of Metallisation, Ltd. Arc Spray, Flame Spray, Plasma Spray, and HVOF equipment. Our wide range of metalizing equipment allows us to provide flexibility in field, shop, and spray station applications.

Metalizing Applications Continue to Grow in North America as Specifiers Learn the Metalizing Advantages!

TMS has delivered a number of new systems to customers around North America this past year. Customer's projects have included: steel bridges, concrete bridges, tanks, towers, windmills, exhaust stacks, dam gates, equipment maintenance stands, automotive rust repair and oil refinery components.

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Thermal sprayed coatings, typically of Zinc or Zinc/Aluminum (85/15), are used on components and flange sections of windmill towers. Conventional paint coatings can be applied over the thermal sprayed coatings.

  • Thermal spray coatings are less susceptible to damage from shipping and handling.
  • "Push-Pull" arc systems (Arcspray 140GP) and "Push" arc systems (The Bridgemaster® or Arcspray 701) are routinely used in these applications.


Arc Sprayed Coatings for Steel Bridges

Metalizing offers long term protection for steel bridges. The ability of thermal sprayed zinc and zinc/aluminum coatings to provide effective long term protection for steel exposed to a variety of environments has been documented in several studies.

In one report, metalized steel samples exposed to a marine environment for 44 years exhibited 0% base-metal rust (Appearance of Thermal Sprayed Metallic Coatings After 44 Year's Marine Atmospheric Exposure at Kure Beach, North Carolina", 44 Year Corrosion Report). Recent developments in high deposition twin wire electric arc spray systems have reduced application costs for metalized coatings on steel.

The Washington Crossing Bridge is a steel truss structure that spans the Delaware River connecting Pennsylvania to New Jersey. This nearly 48,000 square foot job was thermal sprayed with Platt Zinc in 1994.





The Rainbow Bridge connects Niagara Falls, New York, USA to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. This 450,000 sq foot project used 8-12 mils of 85/15 zinc/aluminum.




This coating will provide years of maintenance free corrosion protection.

Arc Sprayed Cathodic Protection for Concrete Bridges

Thermal sprayed coatings have become an accepted method of installing cathodic protection on concrete structures that are subject to chloride induced corrosion (F. Andrews-Phaedonos, I. Solomon, Vic Roads & D.J. Payne, "Sprayed Zinc Galvanic Anode System for the Cathodic Protection of Moodys Inlet Bridge, South Gippsland Highway, Victoria", Paper 187, 13th ICC.)

Recent developments in high deposition twin wire electric arc spray systems have enabled cathodic protection to be a cost effective method of extending the life of concrete bridges and other structures.

Containment used for arc spraying the Yaquina Bay Bridge on the Oregon Coast (near Newport, Oregon). This project used Platt Zinc arc spray wire for the cathodic protection of this concrete bridge structure.




Platt Zinc was also applied to concrete on the Eastbound portion of the Howard Frankland Bridge, which spans over two miles of Tampa Bay, Florida. Over 120,000 square feet of concrete was metalized in this Florida Department of Transportation project.

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